Virgin Merry


Meet Merry, the dentist. She is witty, interesting and good looking but despite having turned 32 she’s still a virgin. The truth is that Merry doesn’t believe in love, let alone sexual relations… She enjoys old Swedish hits, classic movies and Bridget Jones. Merry is quite content with her life so far, but unfortunately every person she knows seams to have a problem with her being single.

Some even talks her into getting a dog, a perfect way to stir up the endorphins and get some physical contact. Merry buys a dog and names her Virgin. But soon she realizes that owning a dog is not just a walk in the park.  At the doggie daycare, Virgin gets diagnosed with adhd and has to see a dog shrink.

The dental practice is located in a multi-ethnic suburb and every day there are cultural clashes and countless comic situations. Merry does her best to persist in this chaotic environment and resist her indefatigable, well-intentioned friends and colleagues. Until one day when Micke, the interpreter, shows up at the clinic and interprets everything, even Merry…

Virgin Merry is an entertaining, fast-paced and heartwarming novel; a suburban Bridget Jones.


”The depiction of the interiors of the multicultural reception
in places so outrageously funny that I laughed out loud. ”

/ Ingalill Mosander, Aftonbladet Sunday

”Even if one has the humor in the blood, it may be difficult to jot down the funny in book form. Comedian Nisti Stêrk succeed really good though when she writes about the crazy dentist Merry who is a virgin (hence the book title – raggadisch) and having a dog with ADHD. Of course, she meets a man, too, just like mom would. ”

/ Caroline Engvall, Metro

”Nisti Stêrk manage to put together the full story, and that entertainment is certainly many people who are attracted by the choice of topic and the special ambiance. As the afternoon’s entertainment, it is fun, it’s different, and Nisti Stêrk is at all levels consistently in front trolls of Merry’s world.

/ Magazine culture

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